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Welcome Week!! (09 Nov 2010 07:58)
With the first day of school creeping up on students everywhere, Claremont Academy is already buzzing with students eager to take advantage of the last few chances at summer fun. Despite this, there...

Open! (24 Oct 2010 00:35)
We’re Open! Finally the game is open and applications are being accepted! To check out the server connect at port: 1203. While our official open house will be on October 30, 2010...

So, think being a teenager with supernatural powers is easy? Yeah right! For starters, all the adult are trying to tell you what to do and how to do it. When to get up. When to go to bed. What to eat and how to dress! How lame is that? And speaking of your parents, they always ground you right before the big alien invasion. And who's the wise guy that told on you for feeding the extra-dimensional critter in the science lab french-fries covered in nacho cheese? Oh, and they still give you homework. Shouldn't having powers give you a pass on certain things, like maybe high school?


That's where things get complicated. Welcome to Claremont Academy, located in scenic and busy Freedom City. But really, don't think of it so much as high school, more like a minefield for teen heroes. Between the powers, the hormones, the homework, the rivals, and all the drama, it's bad enough out there without throwing villains, aliens, and evil masterminds into the mix. Unless, of course, beating on villains is your version of therapy, in which case, they're the one thing in your life that isn't complicated. And beating them down sure does put you in a better frame of mind…. As long as Mr. Claremont doesn't find out.

Welcome to Claremont Academy.

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